1. What can I expect?

​a. You can expect to be a part of an exciting, vibrant church where you'll be challenged, convicted and encouraged to live your life for Jesus Christ. Our church services usually last an hour and fifteen minutes. However, circumstances, events and sermon topics may dictate the brevity or longevity of a particular service. We certainly understand that the "mind can only comprehend what the seat can endure"!


​​2. Who Is Welcome?

​a. Anybody & everybody! You are welcome to simply "come as you are". However, the purpose of church is to leave changed and more like Christ. We hope you'll be challenged to do so.

​​3. What Do I Wear?

​a. Come as you are!

4. Do You Have Childcare?

​a. We provide childcare for families that have children ages 3 and younger. While we encourage you to sit with your family in church we do understand that sometimes "mama" needs a break so she can focus on the service.

5. Am I Expected To Say Or Do Anything As A Visitor?

​a. We want you to enjoy visiting Liberty Baptist Church as on of our guests. For that reason you are not expected to say or do anything. We will provide you with an Information Card that we hope you'll complete so we can have record of your visit and know how best to serve you and your family.




If you want to experience God's life-changing grace, be revived by the truths of God's Words, be a part of a growing, excited church, and develop lifetime friendships, then you won't want to miss a service at Liberty Baptist Church! We would love for you to join us at church, but it's most important that you'll join us in Heaven some day! Please invest a few minutes of your time to read the Bible verses on salvation.