* Open to boys and girls from 4 years to 11 years of age during Sunday morning services.

At Liberty Baptist Church, we are dedicated to the spiritual growth of your child.

Classes start off with prayer, along with inspirational and uplifting wholesome Godly music and singing.

In Jr. Church, educational and life-changing messages from God’s Holy Word, the King James Bible, are preached by our funny and entertaining Jr. leader, Piers Thomas; who engages young children by means of simplified and practical illustrations of biblical concepts. Children are able to leave here and immediately start applying what they’ve learned in their everyday life.

God’s amazing love radiantly shines through our teachers and helpers as they positively influence young children with ongoing mentoring and discipleship.


Additionally, this interactive environment facilitates the building of close and long lasting friendships.

Our outstanding church members work hard to create a delightful and memorable experience for regulars and visitors alike. It is our hope that your child will become a part of our closely knit church family and strive to follow God’s will for their life.



      Jr. Church Pastor

*Ask us about our children’s bus ministry and see if we pick up and drop off children in your area.  



JR. CHURCH CARNIVAL - Held once a year in the fall, this wonderful themed event draws children together for an untold amount of fun; complete with exciting songs, captivating sermons, carnival games, face painting, food, prizes, candy, and more!

SONG FEST, PREACH FEST -  We invite you and your family to come see us every 5th Sunday evening service to hear several mini sermons and songs from fellow church members, as well as, a child's favorite time to hear delightful children's stories. You wouldn't want to miss it!