OUR Pastor

Pastor Richter accepted the position of Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church July 21st, 2010. Pastor, his wife Chris, and their youngest daughter moved to Fircrest, Washington in August of 2010 from the St. Louis, Missouri area. They have 3 daughters.  Their oldest, serves the Lord with her husband, in Radcliff, Kentucky. they have four children. Their second oldest and her husband, have 2 children  and serve the Lord  in Radcliff, Kentucky as well. Their youngest lives with her parents and serves with them at Liberty.


Pastor and his wife, Chris, were saved 10 months apart. Pastor was saved in March of 1979 and Chris accepted Jesus as her Savior in January of 1980. They both come from Catholic backgrounds and were depending on their good works to get them into Heaven. By His mercy and grace someone shared the Salvation message from the Bible with Pastor and in turn He shared it with Chris. After they were saved, the Lord transformed their lives through the power of His Word.


In March of 1980, God called Pastor Richter to preach and, specifically, to be a pastor. He served in his local church for 4 years and then attended Hyles-Anderson College from 1983-1987. They had the privilege of sitting under the ministry of Pastor Jack Hyles. He graduated in 1987 and took the pastorate of Maranatha Baptist Church in Winchester, Ind. He started a church in O’Fallon, Missouri in 1995.


He has pastored for 30 years and been in full time Christian service for 33 years. Chris has served along side Pastor Richter all these years, and they have been married since June of 1977.


They are excited to serve here at Liberty Baptist Church with a wonderful group of people who are serious about serving their Lord because they love Him and want to please Him. If you would like to be a part of that kind of church, check out the website. Call if you have any questions. Then come and join us!