Come join us for good old fashioned music, preaching, and fun!

Here at Liberty Baptist Church, we enjoy starting out with wholesome Godly hymns that both glorify God and prepares our hearts to receive God's message for us. We also love hearing from the Word of God through the extensive use of the King James Bible. Members and visitors can expect to get more Bible, allowing each person to absorb more knowledge as each scripture defines and provides a clearer understanding of the truth.

Each message is purposed to guide us to self reflection and examination. The messages are coupled with reproof, exhortation, encouragement, comfort, and motivation, ultimately leading us to life-changing decisions and steps forward in our walk with God.

An altar call is made at the end of each service for individuals to come to God in prayer. This is where many life-changing decisions take root. During the altar call, opportunities are provided for attendees to seek out salvation, baptism, and church membership.

By the end of each service, each person is able to leave here with the spiritual tools and armour needed to fight life's battles. 

Afterward, we are blessed with time to fellowship and build relationships with one another. With the warm welcoming family environment here, we expect that you'll be made to feel right at home.



Head Preacher


While Sunday nights we have a time to share testimonials and give thanks for what God has done in our lives, and Wednesdays we have a few minutes of prayer before studying a chapter out of God's word, there  are other church services that contain special features, making them unique. They include: 


  • Children's choir

  • Guest preaching

  • Missionary Speakers

  • Song Fest Preach Fest

  • Old Fashioned Sunday

  • Holiday Plays

  • New Years Watch Night

 Do You Have


*Ask us about our transportation ministry and see if we pick up and drop off in your area.